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At Gornitzky Sage Wealth Management, we offer comprehensive financial planning services which strive to help individuals, small business owners and families reduce risk, optimize taxes, and pursue their financial goals. We carefully select clients based on shared values and a belief that our guidance will provide real benefit. We take the time to understand your unique circumstances in full, then tailor guidance to avoid catastrophic losses, reduce tax brackets, and map out retirement, legacy and other key plans. As your professional partner, we are dedicated to guiding you toward greater financial independence.

Services That We Offer Include:

<p>Financial Planning</p>

Financial Planning

We understand the temptation to try managing your finances alone, but the reality is, financial planning is extremely complex. With frequently changing tax laws, volatile markets, and major life events, it can be difficult even for savvy individuals to develop and execute optimal financial strategies over the long-term. Our extensive education, professional credentials and decades of real-world experience equip us to see the big picture and make personalized recommendations that you may not have considered on your own. With our holistic guidance and ongoing oversight, you can feel confident you are making the right financial choices to help you pursue your goals now and in the future.

<p>Retirement Planning</p>

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of the most critical yet complex financial endeavors you will undertake. Successfully saving, investing, and drawing income in retirement requires intricate strategies and the ability to anticipate risks decades in advance. Our retirement planning expertise allows us to model different scenarios, weigh pros and cons, and implement customized solutions working toward the lifestyle you desire. We will collaborate with you through every stage of retirement planning, from accumulation to distribution, coordinating with legal and tax advisors to ensure you have the best plan to help you succeed.

<p>Tax Planning</p>

Tax Planning

Taxes can have an enormous impact on your overall financial picture and wealth accumulation goals. Tax laws are convoluted and frequently changing, making it challenging to implement personalized strategies that maximize your savings. We stay on top of the latest tax code updates, deductions, shelters and strategies to advise you on how to better position your situation. Our comprehensive expertise allows us to offer projections and illustrate how certain financial moves may affect your tax liability both now and in the future. Our goal is to provide clarity amid complex regulations so you can pursue your financial goals as tax-efficiently as possible.

<p>Business Planning</p>

Business Planning

Running a successful business requires mastery across many disciplines – finance, accounting, operations, legal and more. It can be extremely challenging to manage the company's complex finances on top of your specialized expertise. We understand the nuances of corporate finance and the unique needs of entrepreneurship. We can help you analyze your company's financial state, provide projections, weigh potential growth opportunities and develop strategies to to work toward increasing profitability. We can also assist with succession planning, employee benefits packages and more.



Investing can be an overwhelming endeavor for those without financial expertise. There are infinite options across many asset classes, complex strategies to weigh, and markets that can change at any time. We take time to understand your unique risk tolerance, time horizon and goals to develop a customized portfolio allocation designed to maximize returns while minimizing risk. With our active management, disciplined oversight, and understanding of long-term trends, we can provide expertise individual investors often lack. We are here to answer questions, explain options, save you time, and give you confidence that your hard-earned money is being invested wisely.



Our expertise in insurance planning extends to a wide range of coverage options. We go beyond simply understanding your financial picture, risk factors, and future objectives. By taking the time to comprehensively assess your needs, we can identify any potential gaps or redundancies in your coverage. With this insight, we provide tailored advice on the ideal policies and levels of coverage to safeguard your assets and income streams. Our knowledge spans across various insurance products, encompassing not only life and disability insurance but also long-term care and the comprehensive range of Medicare, health, dental, and vision insurance options as well.

<p>Organizations We Proudly Support</p>

Organizations We Proudly Support

At the heart of our team lies a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We believe in actively giving back by investing our time, expertise, and financial resources into causes that hold special meaning to us. Our advisors take an active role in local charitable organizations by serving on board committees to enhance their effectiveness and contribute to their growth. Together, we strive to create a lasting and meaningful difference in the communities we call home.

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