Frequently Asked Questions

What’s on Your Mind?

  • Consider your complimentary, no-fee first meeting as our “financial first date” (without the awkwardness, we hope). Financial planning is a value-based, collaborative relationship and our initial meeting helps determine whether we are a good fit to work together. We will learn more about you and your family and financial goals, ask questions and most importantly listen closely to determine what is most important to you. At this point, if you are considering us for a “second date” or even a long-term relationship, we’ll discuss what the process will look like if you decide to move forward working together.

  • A better question is what can’t we assist you with? We help our current clients with most things associated with their personal financial lives. Some examples are refinancing mortgages, money-saving tips on buying a vehicle, what to do after a divorce, caring for aging parents, referrals to local tax and legal professionals and many others. Our teams’ experience and vetted network of professional service providers help point clients to appropriate providers based on their personal needs and preferences.

  • The truth is that the amount needed to retire varies for each client. There are many factors that make up what you will need to retire and these include your current and future spending habits, lifestyle choices, healthcare/long-term care costs, cost of living, taxes, supporting parents or adult children and housing costs to name a few. Inflation is silently lurking in the shadows as well, causing prices for goods and services to increase and purchasing power to decrease. Our team will work with you to determine your needs, create a customized plan and navigate the details.

  • Investing and financial planning can be confusing and intimidating topics for many clients. Ongoing education and guidance are a big part of what the relationship with our team will provide when we work together. Whether you want a deeper understanding of concepts or a basic explanation of what we can provide, we are always willing and available to offer clear and easy-to-understand guidance.

  • At Gornitzky Sage Wealth Management, we offer appointments that will fit into your lifestyle. We offer in-person meetings at our office in Stuart, FL  and Boca Raton, FL.  during normal business hours and in specific circumstances, we still do house calls! We also offer video conferences for those who want technology, convenience and want to see our smiling faces.

  • We are always available to answer your questions and we won’t send you an invoice either! Both our wealth management and financial planning engagements include full access to the entire Gornitzky Sage Wealth Management team. We are available to answer your questions by phone, email or video conference and are committed to providing accurate and timely answers to your questions.

  • Believe it or not, not everyone needs our services. Many people have the skills, knowledge and time to manage their own wealth. However, many of our clients do not have the experience or comfort level without having us as a coach. We provide advice across many aspects of our client’s financial lives and coordinate with their professional tax, legal and insurance advisors to put time back in our client’s lives to allow them to focus on the things that are most important to them.

  • Our firm’s philosophy prioritizes growing wealth while managing risk. We seek to provide our client’s returns that align with their specific risk tolerance and personal goals while managing downside risks. Risk and rewards have a strong correlation with each other, so we seek to optimize returns without taking outsized risks to achieve those returns.

  • Our true difference is our people. We're very serious in our planning, but we are genuine people who like to have fun and laugh with our clients. We truly like our clients and can go from having a serious planning conversation and immediately transition to sharing a beverage and joking with them right afterward. If you’re looking for the stereotypical financial advisors you see on TV Commercials, we’re probably not the best fit for you.

  • No minimum investment. We strongly believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest so we invest in our clients success regardless of account size.

  • You will have convenient online access found on our website. In addition, you will have access through  LPL Financial’ s  AccountView which has our own  modern and informative Gornitzky Sage Wealth Management app available for Android, Apple, tablets and desktop computers.

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